Sunday - 9:30 AM Community Groups, 10:45 am Worship Service | Wednesday 6:00 PM : OLYMPIANS, STUDENT MINISTRY, SMALL GROUPS, PRAISE ENSEMBLE

Announcements for Week of September 18th, 2022

Wednesday Simple Supper for September 21st, 4:45 pm - 5:45 pm.  This week's supper is Hotdogs, Salad, Chips & Cookies

Wednesday Programs include Men's and Ladies Bible Studies, Student Ministries, Olympians for grades 1-6th.  These start at 6:00 pm and end at 7:30 pm!  

Missionaries of the week:  Bill and Becki Petite have served in Japan for many years.  Pray for Bill, especially, as he has recently been experiencing health issues.  Pray for their church in Japan and the outreach and discipleship that they are involved in. 

Welcome to our new Assistant Pastor, Josiah McCurdy.  Josiah, Bethany and their baby, Lauren have arrived in TN.  Pray for them as the look for housing and get settled in here in TN and Church of the Highlands! 

Sunday, September 18 - 1:00 pm in room 7:15 - Baby Shower for Kayla Reed.   She and Job are expecting a baby boy at the end of October!

Ladies True Woman Conference - September 22-24 will be livestreamed here at COH in building 100.   The theme this year is   "Heaven Rules" .  There are flyers and information sheets available at the table in the back.  You may sign up at the table behind the media center or register on our webpage online. Sign up to join us and bring a friend!

Community Groups for adults and Sunday School for children meet each Sunday at 9:30 am.  We have a group for you and your child!  

The Word of Life Quiet Times were ordered are a table in the back. We encourage each family to use this tool to study God's Word together as a family.  The Quiet Times are age graded so each family member has age graded content on the same passage of Scripture studied each day.  Make it a goal to study God's Word together as a family this year.  The cost is $20 per Quiet Time Diary.  If you missed this order and would like to order one or a set for your family please speak with Daniel Francis to get information. 

We have "Every Man a Warrior" groups for Men and "Cultivating Holy Beauty" Discipleship groups meeting weekly.  If you would like to be involved in a new groups please talk with Robert and Heather Painter. 

Stay up to date with all that is happening by visiting our Church of the Highlands Page on Facebook!

We now have a Church of the Highlands website app.  It is available at the Google and Apple Play stores.  Go to the play store and search for the "ChurchSpring" app.