Songs of the Second Coming


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Oct. 21, 2022


This audio file was posted by Brent Smith in a HPBC/TTU Facebook group.  Our theme this year has been "Jesus is Coming Again".  All of these audio clips are from our original church:  Highland Park Baptist Church and Tennessee Temple University, the school started by its longtime pastor, Dr. Lee Roberson. 

"Songs Of The Second Coming"
Music from the Highland Park Baptist Church and Tennessee Temple Schools in Chattanooga, Tennessee
  1. Behold He Comes - Congregation
  2. It May Be Today - Church Trio
  3. Battle Hymn - Weigle Singers
  4. He Is Coming Again - Weigle Trio
  5. Some Golden Daybreak - Jean Smith 
  6. Oh, What Glory! - Charles Weigle
  7. Behold He Comes - Weigle Singers
  8. Only A Few Shadows - Church Trio
  9. When He Shall Come - Weigle Singers