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Word of Life Quiet Diary

May 9, 2021    Quiet Time Passage:  Acts 8:1-8

What is the passage about?

Stephen is buried as the first martyr of the church.  "Saul" wreaks havoc on the church sending the disciples scattering all abroad.  As they go, they share the gospel.  They see demons cast out, people healed and they are consolidated in one accord.  

How does this apply to life? 

Persecution can bring purity and purposefulness.  When times are hard we have to stay committed to being together . We remind ourselves why we have made the choice to follow Christ and His commission.  Persecution, while seeming to be the "end of the church", was actually the catylst that sent God's powerful message of salvation through the Messiah, Jesus Christ out to the world.  Out of death comes life!  Just like Calvary!  Praise God!

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The Quiet Time this week continues in the Book of Acts.  This is the book that describes the events that occured after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  He commissions His disciples and ascends to heaven.  They wait , as he has told them to do, in the upper room and are filled with the Holy Spirit and given power to display signs and miracles to authenticate their message of redemption from sin through belief in the resurrected Christ.  They are persecuted by the religious leaders of the day who crucified Jesus Christ.  Our section today focuses on Act 7:30-43.  This is the middle of a sermon presented by the disciple who is one of the first deacons of the early church, Stephen.  Stephen is a man who's words could not be "resisted" although the leaders certainly listen with the intent of silencing him and destroying his message.  As he speaks he gives them a history lesson beginning with creation and following through Abraham to Moses.  He tells them how many of the Israelites rejected the authority and message of Moses and wanted to go back to Egypt.  They chose to create and worship idols  when he was on the mountain receiving the law.  Clearly, their hearts were not to be loyal to God but to themselves.  Stephen's goal is to get these men who say they love the law to see they do not really love the law but they have broken the law and worshiped thier own man made structure of laws with added traditions.  They are convicted as they listen to this disciple provide convincing words of thier own guilt and likeness to those who rebel.