What to Expect

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At Church of the Highlands, we worship at the corner of Hwy 58 and Hunter Road every Sunday at 10:45.

Each week we want you to be able to experience great music, encouraging messages, friendly people and creative atmospheres that are a part of The Highlands' experience. We know that your first time at a church, any church, brings up some questions. How do I get there… what should I wear… what’s available for my kids… what should I expect in church? Here is a quick look at what you can expect each week at Church of the Highlands.

Tell Us You are Coming

Let us know you are coming, and we will roll out the red carpet for you! We have a special VIP Team ready to show you around and help answer any questions you might have. Click here to "Plan Your Visit."

How do I get there?

Church of the Highlands is located at 6621 Hunter Road in Harrison, TN. Click here for directions

What should I wear?

We’re more concerned with meeting your real life needs than with what you wear. Most people will dress in casual weekend attire, but some people even wear suits. Just dress how you feel comfortable and you’ll fit right in.

Where should I park?

Church of the Highlands has a top-notch parking team that will guide you the moment you turn onto our campus. We want to ensure that you easily find a spot to park each week. We recommend you arrive about 15-20 minutes prior to a service so we can find you a good parking spot and show you around.

What’s available for my kids?

We have an excellent kid’s experience that your child will love. The Baby Room is located in our gym (rooms 201 and 205) and is secure and clean. At 9:30 am on Sunday's and at 6:00 pm on Wednesday's  our children (grades 1-6) meet in building 100 and have a blast learning about Christ with the most updated technology and creative strategies! Students in grades 7-12 attend the Student Ministry Group in the Dream Center. Click around here on the website for more details regarding children and students.

Where do I go?

Birth through kindergarten go to the gym (building 200), which is also where we hold our worship services. An information center with coffee and snacks is located in lobby of the gym.  You can get questions answered and check out information about our various Community Groups.   At 10:30 am Children, Student and Community Groups all meet in the gym for the worship services (building 200).  

As soon as you drive onto our campus, VIP attendants will help you depending upon if you have kids, or if you’re attending a Community Group, or going straight to one of our services.  They'll make it really simple to know where to go. Our friendly check-in team will help you check your child into a secure, creative and fun environment designed just for them. We emphasize that it is secure, complete with background checks on all employees and volunteers at our church. We recommend you arrive about 15 minutes before the service.

What should I expect in a service?

You will be greeted by a friendly host who will help you grab a cup of coffee, then guide you to a seat. You’ll be given a Connection Card. Please fill the Connection Card out at any point during the service. You will soon discover that our main desire is for you to experience the life-changing presence of Jesus Christ in a creative atmosphere through music and teaching. Our music is led by our passionate and talented worship band and praise ensemble. Our pastor, Scott McCurdy, will lead you through practical, timeless truths with humor and sincerity.

Why should I fill out the Connection Card?

The Connection Card is a great way for us to get to know you. We would be grateful to have a record of your visit. There is a space on the back of the Connection Card for you to write down a prayer request. We have a prayer team that will pray over your request throughout the week. You can fill out the Connection Card anytime during the gathering and place it in the offering basket at the end of the service.

Enjoy The Highlands Experience.

From the moment you pull into the parking lot, our desire is for you to feel at home. Our greeting team is available to guide you through the facilities and answer your questions. Our information center is a great space for you to meet new friends, connect with others and enjoy a warm cup of coffee. Feel free to contact the church office at (423) 493-4111 if you have any other questions.