Specific Details of Our Vision for A New Worship Center

On Sunday, January 26, 2014, our pastor cast the vision for our church to move to the next level by building our worship center atop our property.  In order to see this vision come to fruition, we are in the midst of a two year supernatural journey of sacrificial giving called "Greater Things."  All of the details for Greater Things are available at www.GreaterThings.cc.

Here is a video about the vision to build this beautiful facility:


Here are some pictures of our future facility:







Our vision is simple: We exist to reach our community, America, and the world for Jesus Christ. 


We are conservative in theology, progressive in methodology, and intentional in missiology.  We have the theology of Baptists, passion of Pentecostals, and the feet of Mormons.


Here is the video of Pastor Jeremy casting the vision to shut down and sell Highland Park Baptist Church and to re-plant a new, philosophically-progressive church in the Harrison Bay/Ooltewah community named "Church of the Highlands."


Video of Pastor Jeremy explaining details of the re-planting of Church of the Highlands at our Highway 58 property (filmed September, 2012):



Pastor Jeremy's mentor, Dr. Ronnie Floyd, Senior Pastor of Cross Church in Northwest Arkansas, explaining how he walked with our pastor thru the process of deciding to re-plant our church:


Vision Charts New Course

Written September 9, 2012

When tornadoes tore through Harrison, Tennessee in March of 2012, it wasn’t merely the force of nature at work. When Dr. Jeremy Roberts was called as the youngest pastor in the history of Chattanooga's historic Highland Park Baptist Church in April of 2012, it was not a random selection. The very hand of God Himself was swirling winds that would makeover more than the landscape on Hunter Road. 


In September of 2012, Pastor Jeremy connected the dots for us with a fresh vision that charts a new course for our church. The bold plan reveals a new Church of the Highlands as the centerpiece of God’s “Master” Plan for our property on Highway 58.   This vision is of epic proportions and one that received unprecedented, unanimous endorsement by the long-range planning ministry team, the deacons, and the church staff. It comes as no surprise that God weaves grandeur into every fiber of his tapestry and, once again, he has held nothing back.   The broad-brush plan is detailed below.


  • Re-plant a new church
  • Build a multi-purpose building on the mountain top
  • Name of the new congregation "Church of the Highlands"
  • Become debt free through the sale of buildings and property in Highland Park
  • Emerge with enough cash to assist in funding the new beginning
  • Hold services temporarily in the Dining Hall
  • Have two services on Sunday mornings
  • Become more servant oriented


The vision shut down the former Highland Park Baptist Church.  The church was closed and the property in the Highland Park community was sold.  Our new church now sits on 58 acres on both Hunter Road and Highway 58, directly across the street from the Harrison Bay Marina. We started worshiping at our new church January 20, 2013.



A new multi-purpose Worship Center will be built on the top of the mountain on our property. Here is a picture of what the view looks like from where our new Worship center will be located:

We Are Debt Free and Emerged with Cash from Relocating

Effective April, 2013, we are debt free through the sale of buildings and property in Highland Park.  We sold a gymnasium for $250,000 and that money is going toward building our Dream Center.  We sold six buildings in the Highland Park community to Redemption Point Church for $4 million.  This sale resulted in us paying-off our debt and emerging with some money from this sale.  We still own one building in the Highland Park community, a daycare facility, that is currently for sale.  The money received from the sale of these buildings will be applied toward a fund to eventually build our new church facility atop Church of the Highlands' property.  

Temporary Meeting Location

Our church is temporarily meeting in the Gym.  It looks pretty awesome!

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is "Reaching our community and the world for Jesus Christ."

Mission Strategy

As our mission statement is reaching our community, America and the world for Jesus Christ, we have transitioned to an Acts 1:8 strategy where we are a ministry called to love Chattanooga.   One Saturday per quarter, our church goes into the community to engage in servant evangelism where we show Jesus and then share Jesus.   The Missions Ministry Team has led our church to adopt one city (Boston) and one country (England) for us to engage with in a three-year partnership.

It is Pastor Jeremy’s goal that over 50% of our church will go on a mission trip to either our adopted American city or adopted country over a three-year period.


  • We Are All About Jesus Who is Revealed in His Perfect Word—We keep the main thing the main thing.
  • We Are Simple—Simplicity enables excellence.
  • We Lead the Way in Generosity—Giving is a big deal at our church. We go above and beyond to give sacrificially to the work of God.
  • We Never Assume There is a Box—Some try to think outside the box, but we never assume there is a box. Creativity is key.
  • We Make Each Other Laugh—The joy of the Lord is our strength and our church is a place that is fun.
  • We Are Spiritual Contributors, Not Spiritual Consumers—We will not cater to your personal preference to fulfill our mission. We are more concerned with the people we are trying to reach than the people we are trying to keep.
  • We Are United Under One Vision—We are built on the vision God gave our church. We will aggressively defend our unity and that vision.
  • We Are Known for What We Are For—We will speak vision and life over our people. We will lift up the salvation of Jesus rather than using our platform to condemn.
  • We Act in Audacious Faith—In order to fulfill our mission, we can’t think small. We will set impossible goals, take bold steps, and watch God move.

What plan do we have to build new facilities at the Highway 58 property?

•The entire master plan for our campus is downloadable by clicking here.

• The new Worship Center will feature audience seating that faces a glass wall overlooking Harrison Bay in the southeast mountains of Tennessee for the enjoyment of the beauty of God’s creation as the word of God is proclaimed.


Dr. Roberts’ prayer for this body of believers is that we will embrace the vision and go to the top of the mountain together, in unity.