The "BRING" Campaign is a movement at Church of the Highlands toward contagious Christianity. When we bring someone to Highlands, life change happens. We like to say, "You BRING, you BLESS!"


Our church has a great reputation for our friendly, welcoming people. We want to help everyone become even better bringers! Through the "BRING" Campaign, we will learn to:

  • Conquer the fear of inviting others
  • See new opportunities to invite
  • Know what to say when you invite
  • Begin new relationships with those far from God
  • Creatively invite others
  • Capture a new passion for being a BRINGER!


This is how God designed to build His church. We all know people and we all have influence, we just need to open our eyes and ask God to show us who we can bring.

What can you and I do?

Bring them to the place where they can find what you found at Highlands. Begin by inviting. But go a step further. Bring them!

And just as a heads up...August 16, we will have a special Sunday called AWESOME DAY! We challenge everyone to bring at least two people with them. We cannot wait to see the life-change. Because we believe that when you BRING someone to church, you are bringing them to Jesus. And we believe that if you get them to church, they will experience God’s love and presence and that will change their lives.

Who you bring, you bless!