Two Areas of Good News for Us

Church Family,

I have two areas of good news for us!


I received a phone call this morning that we can begin the initial stages of doing some preliminary site work on the side of our property where we will eventually build our new worship center. We will have the official permit to move forward on the site work (not construction) within a week or two, and have been given a verbal “go ahead” to do some preliminary things before getting the official piece of paper.

We will seek to build a good driveway in the next few months, and erect our huge LED sign next to the driveway. My prayer is that these things will be finished by the end of 2015. Weather will determine a lot of the timing of this.


Our finance team, executive pastor, and I have felt that our former online giving system was not ideal. We did some research and determined that was our best option.

If you click here, you can visit our online giving website. Here are a few key additions to this new system:
• You can now set up an account so you won’t have to put your financial info into the system every time you give.
• You can easily indicate if you want to give to the general budget or to other things over and above your tithe (e.g. Greater Things).
• You can automate your giving. You can program the system to automatically deduct your tithe from your bank account or debit card however often you’d prefer.

Charity and I have automated our giving. I’m paid on the 15th and 30th of every month, and we’ve set up our online tithing and offering to take place on the very day I’m paid. That way, the first money that comes from my personal bank, after I’m paid, is the Lord’s money back to His storehouse.

Charity and I encourage you to follow our lead. Would you please STRONGLY CONSIDER automating your giving? Click here to do it NOW!

Both the good news from Hamilton County for our site development and our progression of online giving are moving us forward as a church. It is such a blessing to serve you and move forward together.

All for Jesus,
Pastor Jeremy
Posted by Jeremy Roberts at 10:11 AM
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