Strategies for the Remainder of 2017

The latter half of the year is here in just a few days. Can you believe 2017 is nearly halfway over?


As we seek to be an intentional body of believers who reach our community, America, and the world for Jesus Christ, there are some basic things we must keep in mind. Churches have front doors and back doors. Opening front doors are things that draw people to the church. Closing back doors are things that keep people plugged into the church.


Our staff team has our annual "staff advance" to go over our strategies for the upcoming August 2017-July 2018 season of our church family. Before we even have that staff advance, our staff team and I have all been working hard to think through our front door and back door.


Front Door: What Draws People to the Church


What you can do:


  • Invite People. Be A Bringer.


Always remember to invite people. Keep on the look out to invite people to Christ. Everywhere you go, have eagle eyes to invite people to Church of the Highlands. A simple way to do this is via handing out invite cards to folks. Just keep them in your wallet or purse.


  • July Outreach Strategies


Next month (July), we have six mission groups coming to Highlands. Six! As these groups come, Pastor Ace has done a fantastic job planning thorough itineraries for all of these groups to do as much as people to help us reach our community.


  • Awesome Day with Power Force


On August 13th and 14th, we will have a really unique experience. A group called "Power Force" is coming to Church of the Highlands the morning and evening of August 13th for Awesome Day, and then again on that Monday night for another big event. This is a group of body builders and former NFL players who can tear phone books in half, break through huge concrete blocks, and exhibit other feats of physical power. Then, they share the Gospel. We're also partnering with local schools as we have Power Force here. This will be a really important time to invite non-Christians to Church of the Highlands.


Back Door: What Keeps People Plugged into the Church


  • Serve


On July 30th, we will have a big "volunteer fair" to seek to plug in as many volunteers as possible with our church family. If you're not already volunteering in some capacity at Church of the Highlands, don't wait until the volunteer fair. Go to and sign up to volunteer today!


  • Give


We're right in the midst of our summer giving challenge, "Summer of Action." We're working hard to make sure we meet budget every single week. If you are not a consistent giver, I encourage you to give it a try. The easiest way to give is via and set up "automated giving." Charity and I utilize this and we absolutely love it.


  • Attend A Community Group


We're in the midst of preparing to launch a new Community Group that will meet on campus at 9:30 on Sunday mornings. It will launch on August 13th. If you're not in a Community Group now, go to and find one that fits your schedule and age group.


Other Things to Keep in Mind



I've mentioned several times already in this letter, but as a reminder, it is our new website that is designed for regular attendees and members of our church. is being re-designed to serve as a "digital brochure" for prospects and guests. Check out today!


  • Pool


As an update on our church's swimming pool, this thing has been a major difficulty, pertaining to the remodeling of it. Every time we think we're getting close to having it ready, we learn of something else wrong with it. It is just taking a lot longer to fix it than we initially anticipated. The crew is working as hard as they can, but it is a time-consuming process.


  • Student Ministry Construction


Construction on our new space, upstairs, in the Dream Center, is going really well. We've finished all of the sheetrock and mudding. Now, we have begun painting. Once the painting is finished, we will add the baseboards, lay the carpet, then we'll dedicate the space. When we dedicate it, we will cut a ribbon, have a time of prayer, then we will have "dinner on the grounds."


  • Student Ministry Camp


Our student ministry is en route to Myrtle Beach right now for camp. Please be in prayer for our teens as they learn about Jesus.


  • New York City Mission Trip


Our New York City mission trip was a huge success. This Sunday, we will have a follow-up time to learn about all the Lord did in the Big Apple. Praise God for all the people who went on this exciting mission trip!


  • New Series: Living Pictures-An Exposition of 1 Timothy


This Sunday, we're kicking off a brand new message series through 1 Timothy. I can't wait to start preaching verse-by-verse through this exciting letter from Paul to Timothy. Please read 1 Timothy this week, in preparation for our new series!


  • This Sunday-Picnic and Baptisms


After church this Sunday, our faith family will go to Harrison Bay for a picnic and baptisms in the lake. I hope you will come, bring a lawn chair, and enjoy yourself. Last names A-M: Please bring side dishes (chips, etc.) and/or drinks. Last names N-Z: Please bring desserts and/or drinks. The church is providing burgers and hotdogs.


There is a ton going on around here. This is a great season in the life of Church of the Highlands. I love you, faith family!


Pastor Jeremy

Posted by Jeremy Roberts at 6:35 AM
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