Restoring Ruined Dreams: A Series On the Book of Joel

In the days of Joel, four years of locusts swept through the Promised Land and ruined their dreams of living in a land flowing with milk and honey. Their dreams were crushed.

Do you ever struggle with feeling complacent? A strong dose of imagery like we find in Joel might just do the trick of opening your eyes to the necessity of faithfully following after God every moment of your life in order to experience restoration from brokenness in the dreams of your life.

Here is what we will learn in this series:

June 7

Going through Tough Times (Joel 1:1–2:17)

June 14

Going through Lost Times (Joel 2:18–27)

June 21

Going through Faithful Times (Joel 2:28–32)

June 28

Going through Decision-Making Times (Joel 3:1–21)

Posted by Jeremy Roberts at 2:32 PM
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