Come to Jesus

Much of humanity spends its existence searching for answers to life’s biggest questions like “Who is God?” or “Who am I?” The only way to find legitimate answers to the big questions of life is simply to COME TO JESUS.


February 19

Who is God?


February 26

Who Are You?


March 5

Who is Jesus?


March 12 - Time Change, Spring Forward

Who will You Invite? (John 1)


March 19

How will You Respond?


March 26

Do You Have to See it to Believe it?


April 2

Where is Your Passion for God?


April 9 (Palm Sunday)

Are You Missing the Point? (John 2–3)


April 15/16 (Easter)

Do You Believe? (John 3)

Posted by Jeremy Roberts at 6:00 AM
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