Back to 2 services this Sunday.

Highlands Family,


These past three weeks worshiping together have been fantastic. We're going back to our two service format this Sunday. We'll have our blended service at 9:15 and contemporary service at 10:45.


Things around the church and our community have been really exciting lately. The mission groups that have been here have been helping us reach tons of people. Last Sunday night, we had a fantastic block party at Harrison Bay State Park, and we witnessed to people all over the place. A big thank you to all of you who have been helping with the outreach efforts, and particularly to Associate Pastor Ace Stafford for his leadership.


The pool is FINALLY experiencing some major repairs needed as people are working on it all of this week. It has just taken a long time to get workers here.


The upstairs student ministry area is completely painted, and we now need to put down the carpet. I foresee us finishing this space is the next few weeks!


I encourage you to make sure you are faithful in your attendance and giving. If you have missed any opportunities to give, you can do so right now by going to


I love you, church family!


Pastor Jeremy

Posted by Ace Stafford at 1:00 AM
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