A Deeper Church

This past Sunday, we concluded our journey through 1 Timothy. I LOVE preaching through books of the Bible. It is one of my favorite things to do. Thank you for journeying so thoroughly with me through one of my favorite series we've ever had here at Highlands.

This Sunday, I am preaching from 1 Kings 16:30-17:1. I encourage you to read 1 Kings 16-19 in your time with the Lord this week.

Something that is burdening me a lot is the need for more in our church family to grow in more depth with the Lord. The key way to do this is via joining a Community Group. Are you in a group? Kiya Piper was recently in my living room, talking with my wife, and they were discussing the new community group for ladies (Tues nights, 6:30, Dream Center), and they were both smiling as they discussed the Scriptures.

If you want to experience the joy of the depths of Christ, become a faithful member of a Community Group. Trust me . . . it will change you, our church, and our community. Check out to find one for you.

All for Jesus,

Pastor Jeremy

Posted by Ace Stafford at 6:00 AM
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