A Call to Prayer

Church family, 


This past Sunday, our nation was rocked with even more civil unrest. We respect our troops while understanding that we do have an issue of injustice in our nation. We want to encourage you do something out of this world. Pray. Not stand. Not kneel, but pray. Cry out to God on behalf of the sins of our nation! 

The Bible makes it clear that our world has a heart issue, see Jeremiah 17:9 and Proverbs 14:12. We must unite in prayer over our nation for the sake of the people, our families and our hearts. Pray that we would stand right before God in a crooked and adulterous generation. Pray that we would receive wisdom from God on how to reach people at such a fragile time. Lastly, pray that Jesus will be glorified in the midst of the trials we face. 

This Sunday, we will take time to focus on Jesus and how He is revealed to us through the Word of God. I hope you take this call seriously and pray. I also hope that God grants you the courage to invite a friend to hear another message from God's Word this Sunday. It will be life changing for someone! 

Let's be active for the Kingdom of God, church family. See you Sunday! 



Pastor Ace

Posted by Ace Stafford at 6:00 AM
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