5 Steps for A Heavy Evangelism Push This Month

Dear Church Family,


Our church is pushing hard this month (July) to reach as many people in our community as possible. After all, July is the most important month for church growth. We're trying to be strategic to do this with excellence. I want you to know our strategy, and to se you get involved!


1. Host evangelism/mission groups.


We're hosting six mission groups this month. Six! These groups, combined with our church members and regular attendees, will result in us reaching so many people!


2. Canvas neighborhoods.


We're following the "one mile mission" strategy with all of these groups, combined with our Highlands volunteers together. I need you to be a part of this canvassing strategy! Below, all of the details are included.


3. Host block parties.


As people go door-to-door, we will hand out fliers to block parties we're hosting. At the block parties, we will have bouncy houses, games, drinks, burgers and hotdogs, and it'll be a blast. We're doing some in neighborhoods, some in parks, and some on our church campus. As we have all of these people hanging out in a relaxed atmosphere, we will walk around, seeking to strike up conversations that lead to Jesus.


At the block parties, we're going to have a drawing for people to enter so they can win a TV. This is the way we'll get their contact info. We're doing this so we can have prospects, then we'll follow up with them.


4. Delegate follow-up tasks, then execute ministry strategies and write handwritten cards.


As we go door-to-door, we will ask them if our church can serve them in any way. Then, the person will write down the need, along with the person's contact info.


Furthermore, tons of people will have given their contact info to us as they submitted their name to win a TV. We will write all of them a handwritten note, call them, and email them.


5. Push the prospects to Awesome Day.


We have Awesome Day on August 13th. These prospects will be contacted and encouraged to attend our big day.


We need to pull together and all evangelize our community. God has called us to reach people. Let's do this!


Email our Associate Pastor, Ace Stafford, at to get involved with our July evangelism push. 


Morningside Baptist -           July 14th-17

Door to door Canvasing July 16th

Block Party July 17th @ Harrison Bay!


G.C. Behind Scenes-               July 14th-16th

Service opportunities begin at 11 am and will last until 3 pm. 


G.C. Kids Ministry-                 July 18th-20th

Door to door canvasing July 19th

Block Parties will be held at 3 locations. Arrive at the church by noon on July 20th to receive an assigned location. Each party will last from 1-3 pm. 


Aletheia Church-                   July 20-22

Door to door canvasing July 21st

Serve at the Block Party held at Booker T State Park July 22nd, from noon- 4. 

G.C.-Generate Camp Missions

Posted by Ace Stafford at 2:30 PM
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