NEW: A Journey through 1 Peter

Series Description: The Apostle Peter reflects a spirit of freshness in Christ, even through suffering and trials. Christians were persecuted wide-spread by the Roman authorities, just as more and more Christians are persecuted worldwide today. This book is about a life of purity, of godly living, and an overall NEW perspective on life.


August 14—Awesome Day

New Birth (1 Peter 1:1–12)


August 21

New Life (1 Peter 1:13–25)


September 4—Labor Day Weekend

New Purpose (1 Peter 2:1–10)


September 11

New Freedom (1 Peter 2:11–25)


September 18

New Relationships (1 Peter 3:1–12)


September 25

New Defense (1 Peter 3:13–22)


October 2

New Urgency (1 Peter 4:1–11)


October 23

New Reality (1 Peter 4:12–19)

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