Ace Stafford, Associate Pastor

I'm happiest when I'm:

Worshipping God through music.

On my iPod:

Lecrae, Flame, Trip Lee, John Legend, Michael Jackson, The Weekend, Hillsong United, Kirk Franklin, Da Truth, KB, Andy Mineo, Tye Tribbet, and many more lol.

The one book (besides the Bible) I'd recommend to anyone is:

7 Toxic Ideas Polluting Your Mind by Anthony T. Selvaggio.

My favorite restaurant in the Chattanooga area is:

I love food in general. I wish I could choose just one!

I'm most excited about:

Seeing my children grow and mature.

The teams I root for most are:

Oregon, TEAM NIKE! Tennessee Titans (Marcus Mariota)

My proudest moment is:

My family’s reaction when we reunite after work each day.

If I could, I'd:

I would serve as a tour guide that takes groups on a trip through every solar system there is. I would call it, Space: A Glimpse of God’s Grandeur.

My pet peeve is:

When people take meekness as weakness.

My perfect day would be:

Seeing my children place their personal faith in Christ, then taking a family trip where I could see a joy filled atmosphere, topped off by a date night with my beautiful wife.

My favorite childhood memory is:

Seeing my mother come to grab me from the crib.

In my free time, I:

Play video games on Xbox. Xbox Live Gamer Tag: Godz5on5tafford

If I could do it over again, I'd:

Repeat my honeymoon exactly the way it was.

My favorite TV show is:


Three people with whom I would want to have a meal:

Living: Stephen Curry, Tim Tebow and Marcus Mariota.
Dead: King David, King Solomon and my grandmother.

I would spend $1,000:

On investments, then spend every penny of my return on my wife.